NKE further solutions

Many years of experience and customer confidence have led NKE Automation to develop automation solutions that can be linked to the main business areas due to the technological or spatial proximity of the systems.

With its expertise in filling, NKE Automation offers systems and units for the storage of liquids, seal testing and calibration equipment as well as the development of complementary software solutions such as vehicle diagnostics.

Know-how in the handling and management of adhesive distribution, on the other hand, is at the heart of the development of automation systems for the application of adhesives and sealants, the application of grease, the extrusion of seals and the implementation of software solutions for bead control.
Based on our successful cooperation with production companies and our in-depth knowledge of the integration of automated systems, we offer the manufacture and installation of solutions for VIN marking of the chassis by scribing or laser and their OCR control.
A wide range of products that enable NKE Automation to be a reliable partner for the delivery of solutions from a single source.



VIN marking

Automatic identification of the chassis number on the bodywork


Air conditioning leak test system

Pressurization of the refrigerant circuit to detect small leaks.

Central pump systems and units

Centralized network for dispensing liquids and gases in the system.

Grease application systems

Application to vehicle components such as ABS sensor, clutch, etc…

Process data application

Tracking system for existing cycles.

Caterpillar control

Determines the size and shape of the bead of extruded adhesive.


Automotive diagnostics

Communication systems with the vehicle’s control units, e.g. for the ABS cycle status during the brake filling cycle.

Application of seals

Systems for the application of various types of seals.


Application of adhesives and sealants

Possible extrusion of various types of products used for painting and cladding.