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High-quality technologies

As a partner to the global automotive industry, we work continuously to provide reliable support with high-quality technologies for the filling and glazing industry. All services necessary to ensure continuity and customer satisfaction are our top priority.

Our research and development activities are characterized by always finding the right balance between experience and creativity, which enables us to produce cutting-edge technology and an end product that perfectly meets our customers’ requirements.


We have always focused on the sustainable manufacture of products of the highest quality. To this end, we ensure cost-effective production that minimizes costs as much as possible. We already optimize our purchasing processes for sustainability and evaluate and monitor their environmental impact.

We strive to further improve our company and products and engage in socially responsible ways with sustainable practices that have a positive impact on the people and communities in which we operate.


The past is not lost.
We are building the future on it.

Anatole France

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