NKE glazing systems

NKE Automation has experience in the development and construction of glazing systems. From the simple stand-alone unit for applying the adhesive bead to the glass to the integrated line that enables the treatment of the glass with the cleaner, the application of the primer, the application of the adhesive and the automatic bonding to the vehicle with the help of robot-controlled vision systems.


Our systems are able to automatically extrude different types of adhesives, one or two-component, on different types of automotive glass (windshields, rear windows, panoramic roofs, side windows and third headlights).
Depending on the level of automation required, we can offer systems ranging from simple manual extrusion to a fully automated cycle of extrusion and bonding of the glass to the vehicle using image processing systems developed in-house or by leading suppliers in the sector.


Two alternative systems are available to control the adhesive flow depending on the extrusion rate of the robot:

Gear pump. The flow rate of the adhesive is proportional to the speed at which the pump gears rotate.

Amplifier pumps. The adhesive flow is proportional to the speed of the piston in the electric dosing unit, which is adjusted using a special servomotor.