ENGEMO other solutions

Extended leak test


  • Carbon steel housing with powder coating
  • Robust design with access for maintenance
  • Great ease of use
  • Built-in sensors and accessories
  • Scanner for reading the barcode on the product
  • Automatic internal source 100..240Vac 50/60Hz
  • 16bit internal acquisition
  • Internationally manufactured adapters and orifice plates
  • Options for pressure drop or mass flow tests
  • Possibility of integration into the customer’s network
  • Database with complete traceability


  • High-precision simultaneous reading of pressure and flow conditions in the case of the mass flow model.
  • Possibility of setting times and parameters for each process step.
  • Software-configurable technical units according to the process preference.
  • Direct sensor calibration function on the app’s own screen.
  • Detection of relative humidity by a sensor embedded in the device for atmospheric conditions – optional.
  • Detection of the ambient temperature by a sensor for atmospheric conditions built into the device – optional.
  • Detection of air pressure by an air pressure sensor built into the device – optional.
  • Text and MsExcel file formatting with capture data.
  • Graphical representation of the individual pressure development curves in each step of the process.
  • The software developed by Engemo is compatible with MS Windows and is available in several languages on request.
  • The software developed by Engemo is compatible with MS Windows and is available in several languages on request.
  • Possibility of operation with different types of sensors with accuracy levels of +/- 0.25%….+/- 0.10%….+/- 0.04%….FE.
  • Possibility of integrating a leak test with helium or a mixture of N2+H2.
  • Possibility of simultaneous testing in several chambers with independent parameters.

Integration of glass and built-in parts


  • Automatic glass installation
  • Applying the adhesive to the glass or bodywork
  • Option for cleaning and applying the primer
  • One- or two-component adhesive
  • Advanced technology for projects
  • Dimensioning of safety systems
  • Vision systems for quality control
  • Adhesive bead inspection and control
  • Wide range of integration options
  • Automation of customer preferences
  • Experience with fastening systems
  • Data and image traceability
  • Fully integrated template selection
  • Individual parameters for each model
  • Pump unit with drum change
  • Temperature control of the process paths
  • Automated or manual application


  • Front window
  • Third light
  • Rear window
  • Sun canopy
  • Fiber cover for the interior
  • Different models of car glass
  • Various glass models for special vehicles such as trucks, tractors
  • Pump set for the smallest space requirements in the production area
  • Easy maintenance of the pump set
  • Easy changing of the drums
  • Protection against accidental contact in potentially explosive areas thanks to heating and optimized use of the drum volume

Chassis identification


  • Mechanical or laser engraving
  • Manual or robot-assisted procedures
  • Recording depth control
  • Quality control and traceability of image capture
  • General process traceability
  • Dimensioning of safety systems
  • Very robust design for high process stability
  • Layout of process parameters and engraving depth
  • Accessibility for maintenance